Punajb CM’s son-in-law Imran Ali hands himself over to police

Son-in-law of Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif has handed himself over to police in the bakery assault case, SAMAA reports on Wednesday.

Earlier today, Ali decided to be included in the case investigation after the CM’s directives.

Imran Ali, the son-in-law, presented himself before police.

Ali said he was ready to be included in the investigation of the case.

Meanwhile a Judicial magistrate granted bail to eight men alleged of beating the bakery employee. Earlier the seven policemen and a civilian had been sent to jail, on a fourteen day remand.

The incident came to light when a CCTV video surfaced on social media websites showing the bakery employee being beaten by guards of Punjab CM’s daughter.

The CCTV footage indicates that Shahbaz Sharif’s daughter named Rabia Imran (wife of Imran) tried to enter a bakery in Lahore at around 12:00 PM but the bakery was closed. She opened the bakery by force using her guards and wanted to buy some bakery items (probably a cake).

The guard in the Bakery tried to tell her that bakery is closed right now and she can’t buy. With this, Rabia lashed out at the guard and warned him as the footage below indicates so.

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