Punjab Anti Terrorism Force Candidates List Qualified For Interview

Punjab Anti Terrorism Force Jobs NTS Roll No SlipLAHORE (Punjab Counter Terrorism Department) : Only 24.9 percent of the total candidates from all over the province have obtained 50 per cent and above marks in the written test for the recruitment of corporals in the planned Punjab Anti-Terrorism Force, qualifying for final interviews.

The results were received by the home department on Wednesday afternoon, pushing forward the process of raising a fighting anti-terrorism force in the province. A committee comprising senior police and home department officials is also selecting 500 personnel of the Elite Force to temporarily work in the new outfit.

This is being done with the difference of opinion on whether the personnel should randomly be selected and sent to the new force or only those meeting the fitness or intelligence criterion for the corporals should be engaged. According to sources, 48,600 applicants had applied for initial 500 posts of corporals from all over the province. Out of them, 41,000 were found eligible for physical and medical tests. As many as 12,101 cleared these tests and were allowed to appear in the written tests held all over the province on Sunday last. Out of them 11,835 appeared and only 2,948 could obtain over 50 per cent marks which is a must for interviews.

Sources said 8,889 candidates got below 50 per cent and they would not be called for interviews as per a policy decision. The interviews would soon be held by a sub-committee of a top committee headed by the chief secretary and comprising the IGP and the home secretary.
Total No of Vacancies ::
The government had initially announced 500 vacancies of corporals but later the chief minister had enhanced them to 1,500. Nevertheless, the government plans to recruit only 1,000 because of the low percentage of those who managed to clear various tests. Meanwhile, the provincial home and the counter-terrorism department have started selecting 500 Elite Force Personnel for their temporary stay in the anti-terrorism force.

Sources said the committee was conducting interviews of the personnel nominated by the CTD so as to select best of the best from amongst them. But the selection was being made in the presence of difference of opinion between the senior police officials and the home department representatives. Sources said that home department was stressing that only those personnel matching the intelligence, fitness and commitment criterion set for the corporals should be inducted. This was necessary to maintain a force of equal capabilities to fight terrorism.

Total Candidates Applied For :: 48,600 applicants Recieved

Eligible For Medical and Physical Test: 41,000

Eligible For Test Who Passes Physical :: 12,101

Appeared in Test :: 11,835

Eligible For Interview :: 2,948 could obtain over 50 per cent marks which is a must for interviews.

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  1. Lahore Male 493 female 186 total 679
    Rawalapindi + Sargodha = Male 463 female 178 total 641
    Sahiwal + Faisalabad= Male 461, Female 140 Total 571
    Multan + DG khan Male 332 Female 70 Total 402
    Gujranwala= Male 320 Female 96 Total 416
    Bahawalpu = Male 144 Female 60 Total 204
    Lahore Town Hall
    Cirut House Faisalabad
    Emerson College Bosan Road Multan
    Zilla Council Hall Katchehry Road Gujranwala
    Dring Stadium Bahawalpur
    Further Detail Contact 0313-4441116

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