Punjab Budget 2012-13 Detail Sheet, Increased in Salary 20 Percent

LAHORE : The Punjab government has promised a total of 80,000 new jobs in various departments during the next fiscal year starting July 1, 2013. However, it has not been explained how many people will be absorbed in which department.The Punjab government presented its biggest ever Annual Development Programme (ADP) of Rs250 billion for the upcoming 2012-13 financial year, exceeding the development budget for the year ending June 30 by Rs30 billion.Punjab Budget 2012-13 salient Features

1.    A quota of 15 per cent has been reserved for women in all jobs
and all women colleges will be provided with buses.
2.    As many as 125,000 laptops will be given to students during
the next year. A similar number of students received the gadg
ets during the outgoing year. In all, 400,000 students will be
provided with laptops.
3.   Ten per cent of seats in private educational institutions
charging Rs5,000 or more in monthly fees have been pro
posed for poor students. Their expenditure will be met by the
4.    Some 150,000 qualified skilled workers will be given interest-
free loans of Rs50,000 each to enable them to set up their
5.    Twenty thousand yellow cabs and as many green tractors will
be provided to the people. 50,000 graduates will be given a
chance for four-month internship in various departments,
during which they will be given a stipend of Rs10,000 a month.

6.   The flour prices keep fluctuating throughout the year. To keep them at a reasonable level, a subsidy of Rs27.5billion has
been earmarked. There is no explanation as to what the rea
sonable level means.
7.   An amount of Rs4 billion has been set aside to provide sub
sidised eatables during Ramazan.
8.   The energy sector has been given high priority with an allo
cation of Rs10 billion. Feasibility reports of 10 projects with a
capacity to generate 80MW electricity have been completed
at a cost of Rs29 billion. Agreements have been signed with
China to produce 120MW hydel power from a plant at Taunsa.
9.   Four Ashiyana schemes will be started next year at a cost of
Rs2 billion.
10.    Transport sector will also get special attention during the
next year. A total of 575 CNG buses will be imported from
China. Of them, 350 have already reached Lahore while the
remaining will also be made available in the near future.
11.    A total of 1,200 new buses will be included in the urban trans
port system.
12.   An allocation of Rs11 billion has been made for the metro sys
13.    Jinnah Abadi Scheme will be continued during the next year
and 115,000 deserving people will be given free-of-cost plots.

14.  Pay scale not revised salaries increase in Budget 2012-13 20% of all Government employees all scales and 20 percent raised in pension.


  1. we want to need more increase in our salaries.

  2. it ok. but not very good bugdget

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