Punjab Youth HelpLine Toll Free Number – 080012145

Government of Punjab, Youth Affairs Department has launched Punjab Youth Helpline to provide counseling services to youth regarding emotional, psychological, reproductive health, educational and career related issues. Toll – Free # 0800-12145

Punjab Youth Helpline Toll Free No
PYHL is a specialized telephonic counseling service that provides an effective way to listen to and counsel callers, disseminate information, any one can call us to share his/her problems with full trust on us because PYHL has no CLI services and no call recording system installed .Its 100% confidential.

Punjab Youth Helpline (PYHL) ::
Toll Free Access No # 0800-12145
9:00 am to 5:00 pm
7 Days a Week
(Calls are Free from PTCL Land line But Call from Cellular or Mobile will be charged according to tariff)

Who Do We Work With You??

  •     Individuals: PYHL recognizes individuals as essential change agents; young people, adolescents, students, parents,    married couples, etc.
  •     Collectives: Local communities and local state apparatus
  •     Institutions: Govt. hospitals, educational institutions, technical training centers, and shelters/women crisis centers;  where institutional reform and policy change is sought

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