Raja Bazar Rawalpindi Incident Pictures and Video

Rawalpindi Pakistan:: 10th Muharram 2013 Pictures, Photos & Videos of Fawara Chowk Raja Bazar Rawalpindi Incident Yume Ashura 2013 Rawalpindi Incident Pictures and Videos – dated 15th November 2013 Madrasa Jamia Taleem ul Quran Rawalpindi Burn and firing details Incident Pictures, Photos & Videos, About curfew in Rawalpindi Pakistan Current Affairs News and online media courage.Pak Army activities During Rawalpindi Incident Curfew

Complete Gallery::

Madrisa Jamia Taleem ul Quran Fawara Chowk Rawalpindi, Masjid Burn Down By Extremist during clashes on 10th Muharram 2013.

Truth about Incident Eye Witness::

Raja Bazaar Rawalpindi Video::

Multan Ghanta Ghar Chwok Fight Between Shia And Sunni::

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