Rawalpindi Pakistan Religion Sectarian Clashes Pictures & Video

Rawalpindi (18 November, 2013) : The City District Government Rawalpindi on Sunday extended the curfew enforced in city for another 24 hours as it is feared that violence could erupt again after the burial of persons killed during Friday clash at Raja Bazaar here in Rawalpindi.PAKISTAN-RELIGION-SECTARIAN-CLASHES

Rawalpindi Firing Video::

The violence erupted as Shia Muslims staged a procession marking the religious festival of Ashura. The cause of the Rawalpindi incidents are still unclear and reasons are unknow. Authorities has put curfew in most areas of Rawalpindi so to control other mishaps after this incident that took place near Fawara Chowk Rawalpindi and after that angry mob set fire in cloth market in Raja Bazar Rawalpindi. In video you can see that a Masjid is under fire and voices of gun shots from heavy guns can also hear in the video. According to sources and some eye witnesses the reasons of this incident are started from Madirsa Jamia-Taleem-ul-Quran near Fawara Chowk Rawalpindi when there was announcement to end the Muharram procession soon and after that clashes started in the Rawalpindi city.

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