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Pakistan National Songs ( Milli Naghmay ) on Dailymotion

Every year we celebrate Pakistan’s Independence Day on the 14th August. This is a very special day as it marks Pakistan’s existence. Pakistan got freedom from the British rule and as a result a sovereign nation was declared. The aim was to create a separate state for Muslims through partition of the subcontinent. Here You Can Download All Pakistani Old ... Read More »

Top 10 Pakistani National Songs 2014 (Milli Naghmay)

The day of independence is very important to us. All we love Pakistan. On 14th August 1947 Pakistan was released from the English empire and all we Muslims efforts bring a new life in society. Pakistan independence songs impress upon the importance of our Azaadi. Here funtvweb is sharing most famous.14th August 2014, is Pakistan 68th Birthday and We Pakistan ... Read More »