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PTI Azadi March Live 14th August 2014 Lahore to Islamabad

Imran Khan Azadi March live 14th August 2014 :: The live coverage/streaming of pti long march is just updated. The azadi/long march of pti is led by imran khan towards d-chowk Islamabad in front of parliament and supreme court. You can watch live online coverage of the march by a live channel controlled by PTI social media team or by ... Read More »

Imran Khan (PTI) Azadi March Live Coverage

Lahore 14th August 2014 -:: Get all the latest news updates and Live coverage of Tahir ul Qadri’s (PAT) Long March and Imran Khan’s (PTI) Azadi March on 14 August 2014, Independence Day of Pakistan. You can get all the videos & news related to Long March and Azadi March at one place and get to know how Government is ... Read More »