Telenor Pakistan Call & SMS Blocker Service

Let Telenor Call & SMS Blocker make your life easy and make you to get rid of obnoxious callers. Telenor Call & SMS Blocker is a subscription based service that stops any number (021-xxxxxxx, 042-xxxxxxx, 030x-xxxxxx, 033x-xxxxxx, 032x-xxxxxxxx, 034x-xxxxxxx) from calling you.

Once you block a caller, any call from that caller can not reach you. Instead a prompt is played to that caller every time s/he attempts to call you. You can change the default prompt to a busy tone (number busy) or a ringing tone (call not picked up).

Interested? To block callers, you need to SMS ‘sub’ to 420 to get registered. Once you are registered,

After a few hours, when you get registered, you will receive a confirmation SMS. Then you can SMS the Number , which you want to block, to 420.

Sample: After you are registered, SMS 03XX-XXXXYYY to 420.

  • To subscribe, send SUB to 420
  • To unsubscribe, send USUB 420
  • To block, send 03XX-XXXXYYY to 420
  • For a list of commands, send HELP 420

Blocking a number / removing a blocked number:

SMS: Rs. 2 + tax. (One time)
IVR: Rs. 2 + tax per minute.


Charges detail is as per follows:

  • Monthly Subscription = Rs. 20 + tax
  • Blocking or Unblocking a number over SMS = Rs. 2 + tax (one time)
  • Blocking or Unblocking a number by calling 420 = Rs 2 + tax (per minute)
  • Blocking or Unblocking a number by Call Blocker Website = Rs. 2 + tax (one time)

NWD & IDD Subscription:

The service blocks incoming calls & SMS only. It works on two access levels: Nationwide Dialing (NWD), International Direct Dialing (IDD). If you have International Roaming (IR) on your number, you have to change it back to NWD or IDD & then you can subscribe to this service.

Many people around you would need this service. So spread the word around.
Now never receive another annoying call.

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  1. Telenor Sign In

    Hi its Amna, Yes i use call blocker. But, telenor weblounge is down for many months. When this will be alright and will work?

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