Ufone Brings Gmail Free SMS Service

Here’s another great one from Ufone! With the giants like Gmail and Ufone joining hands, Ufone excited and proud to bring something very special for U!

Now anybody who has a Gmail account can send as many SMS as they wish, to any Ufone number anywhere in Pakistan, ABSOLUTELY FREE. All U need to do is, log on to your Gmail account, open up the chat window and type in the Ufone number to which U wish to send an SMS, simply type the message you wish and send it away.

To start with, U have a credit of 50 SMS every day. With every message sent from Ufone number will be used to increase your credit by 5 messages, each time, up to 50. Sending an SMS reply from your Ufone number to Gmail chat is charged at Rs.1+ tax only.

How to Send Free SMS from Gmail to Ufone
For a quick tutorial on how to send free texts fro, Gmail, follow the instructions below:
  • Log into your Gmail account.
  • In Chat and SMS text box (left sidebar), enter the Ufone number where you want to send the text and click on Send SMS from the side window.
  • In the pop up box, enter the name of message recipient in Contact Name text box; check the country name and mobile number (MSISDN) of mobile recipient (Ufone number) are correct. Once done, click Save as it will help to build contact list.
  • Type message in the chat window and hit Enter. Message will be sent to the mobile number entered.
  • To send message to already saved contact, type his name or number in Chat and SMS text box. Desired contact will be displayed below. Select it from the list and send message.
For the Ufone subscriber:
  • To respond to the message received from Gmail user, simply reply to the text from your phone. Reply will appear on the Chat window of the Gmail user.
  • Ufone subscriber can reply to the message received from Gmail user within 24 hours.

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