Ufone UReminder Service

Ufone Brings UReminder service.Ufone is pleased to announce yet another sensational service – UReminder. With UReminder U will receive reminders of Vital tasks that U cannot afford to forget.

How to Use:

Using this service is very simple, Just dial 7030, set a reminder and then before the time comes you will receive a call from the IVR reminding you to carry out the set task at the time you specified.

Subscription Charges:

  • Rs. 2.50+tax per week (For Prepaid customers)
  • Rs. 10.00+tax per month (For Postpaid customers)

IVR Call Charges:

  • 0.50 + tax per minutes

Another amazing feature of Ureminder is that other than the pre-recorded messages for the wakeup call, food andsleeping reminders, You can record a message in your own voice for  cetain reminder. Moreover, not only will you be able to put reminders on your own number but will be able to put reminders for other people’s numbers.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Service will be available for both prepaid and postpaid users
  • Users can set a variety of reminders along-with custom reminders
  • Only 20 reminders can be provisioned weekly
  • International numbers will not be allowed for setting reminders
  • Users can avail only voice reminders
  • Service will automatically become idle after 3 months in case of inactivity

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