Umar Akmal Arrested over a Fight with Traffic Warden in Lahore

Umar Akmal fight, Assaulting Traffic Warden in Lahore PicturesLahore : (1st February, 2014) -:  Test cricketer Umar Akmal has been charged for allegedly assaulting a traffic warden following a heated argument.

Police said the incident happened near Firdous Market when Umar Akmal violated a traffic signal and then not only had a heated argument with the traffic warden but also threatened him. A First Information Report (FIR) was registered against him at the Gulberg police station and he will be presented before a court within the next 24 hours.

“He violated a traffic signal and when he was stopped by the traffic warden he misbehaved with him, got abusive and also tore his shirt,” senior police official Tariq Aziz told reporters on Saturday.
According to Umar Akmal he told the traffic warden that he had to get to a function and was already late, after which the warden not only abused him but also assaulted him. Akmal added that his face had been injured in the altercation.
Witnesses said the argument between Umar Akmal and the warden started when Umar refused to show the car documents to the warden.
According to police, Akmal had torn the uniform of the traffic warden and there was no mark on his face to support his claims of being assaulted.
Akmal was taken to the Gulburg police station where he is detained. His father and brother arrived at the police station after his detention.

Source : The News

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