Valentine’s Day Ice Cream Parlor Scandal In Karachi

valentine day scandal in karachi pakistanKarachi :: 14th February 2014: A CNBC aired show shocked every one because that exposed the hidden valentines day scandals being celebrated in Karachi in Ice Cream Parlors, hotels and beauty parlors and salons.

These ice cream charges Rs. 100 per hour and some hotels/restaurants charges Rs. 600 per hour to give a safe haven to these young couples to enjoy the sexual activities safely. In ice-cream parlor police was also present and doing some immoral activities.

They also told that hidden cameras are being installed in theses private places and then these recorded videos are sold to international pornographic sites worth of thousand dollars.

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And the biggest drawback is that our government has failed completely to control while girls are available every where , while at low rates so these activities are being carried out at higher and increasing rate…Valentine day sex scandals also occure in Lahore, Multna, Faisalabbad, Islamabd etc..Here is latest videos, mms videos, cctv footage, secret cam videos and pictures given now…

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