Veena Malik and Indian Director Hemant Madhukar Private Pics Leaked

Veena And Hemant love pictures

London: Pakistani starlets Veena Malik is again in limelight with the relation with Director Hemant Madhukar. She was caught in the camera while spending a time with her friend cum director Hemant Madhukar.

Veena Malik who is a so called Pakistani actress has again come up in a controversy. She is inIndiafor her upcoming film “Mumbai 125kms” that is directed by Hemant Madhurkar. Now her latest scandal with Hemant exposed after her unethical pictures came across.Pakistangovernment should take certain steps in order to limit her activities as a Pakistani. Her Pakistani nationality should be banned. You can see her pictures that are shameless for everyone who is Pakistani. As Veena said, she can do whatever she wants in her private life but why she forgets that her life is no more private.  Her actions hurt Pakistani public’s sentiments. Shame on you Veena Malik.

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