Veena Malik first religious show gets highest 3 Crore Viewers

Veena first religious show gets 3 Crore ViewersQueen of controversies Veena Malik was always under media discussion for her bold acts but this time the model turned actress hogged the limelight for her religious show Astagfar.

As per reports, Veena’s first religious show has reached highest TRP ever. Around 3 crore viewers watch the first show of Astagfar and it received a fabulous response from the audience on the small screen.

The show created a positive response across the world, says Scribes INC,which manages media for the controversial actress.

Peoples of the globe appreciated Veena Malik new avatar in her show. Around 3 crore viewer watch the first show of “Astagfar” and has received a fabulous waku doki response from the viewers on the small screen.

Veena Malik said, “It was a very great moment for me that people across the globe has appreciated me and they accepted my show. The show has touched the heart of people which is shown by TRP rating.”

After a lot of resistence, the show went on air and gained the highest TRP ever. Veena Show break all the past record which is unbelievable. This show is more about connecting with audiences. The superb success of the show can now be termed as a historical success after its big leap on the small screen.

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