Veena Malik Play Holi in India Pictures Still Photos

Veena Malik Holi Pictures IndiaVeena Malik was going for her first dubbing in Bollywood for her debut film Daal Me Kuch Kaala Hai at B R Studio in Juhu.Pakistani-cum-Indian actress and model, Veena Malik popular for her publicity stunts has given it another chance. She was spotted at a Holi function at the BR Studi in Juhu, India.Veena was posing with Anand Balraj, Kishore Bhanushali and Vijay Akela. Veena was is reportedly said to have been going to the BR Studio for the dubbing of the film Daal Mein Kuch Kaala Hai, scheduled to released in May 2012,

when the celebration started. Veena was sensually dressed in a white tank top all coloured up in the colours of Holi. She danced in her excitemetn as she played Holi for the first time in India. In the words of Veena, “We played Holi with natural colours which is eco friendly and which is good for the face and body…Aanand got the gulaal made by natural herbs.” Hence, she presented the whole scenario as an act of eco-friendly tribute.

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