Warid 4G LTE Packages Network Internet Service in Pakistan

Warid 4G LTE Lounching

Warid 4G LTE Lounching

Warid Telecom of Pakistan today went public with press ads (produced above) about its plans for going 4G LTE, to possibly become the first operator in the market to deploy 4G LTE network in the country.
Despite not participating in recently held 3G / 4G auction, Warid has decided to go 4G LTE with its available spectrum that it had bought in 2004.Warid has currently around 12 million subscribers. It has 8.8Mhz spectrum from 1800Mhz band in addition to 5Mhz in 900Mhz band, which it had bought at the time of launch in 2004.

Warid customers were disappointed when the company did not take part in the 3G and 4G auctions in Pakistan but finally the company announced that they are coming up with the best of all, 4G LTE technology real soon. Read the details after the jump. Warid 4G LTE Service Internet Network Packages Pakistan Announce Soon. Warid we are the wait, indeed, The best is yet to come 4G LTE mobile internet packages declared soon, stay with us for all 4G LTE Warid internet pak detail.

We talked about the fact that Warid customers were shifting to other network due to unavailability of 3G or 4G network and we also shared that Warid is working on a new solution for their customers. The time has finally arrived and Warid announced that they are coming up with the latest and best of all technologies, that is, 4G LTE. LTE (Long-Term Evolution) which is generally called 4G LTE is a standard for wireless communication of high-speed data for mobile phones.
Not to mention, Zong has said that it may take several months to launch 4G network, however, this may change after Warid’s announcement today. Zong was only 4G spectrum winner in April’s 3G and 4G Auction. We are also curious to find out if PTA has given them permission to launch 4G LTE before newly licensed operators or Warid is just playing with the sentiments. Stay with us for more news on this topic.

 Warid Telecom 4G LTE Packages Uploaded Soon………


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