Yellow – I Love U Summer Dresses Collection 2012 By Akif Ilyas

I Love U - Beautiful Summer Collection 2012 By Akif Ilyas -0010

Akif Ilyas Beauty Salon and Photography Studio is one of the most Classy Salons within the City, operating under the supervision of famous talented Fashion Designer & Beauty Expert Akif Ilyas. Pakistani Young and vivacious Akif Ilyas arrived on the fashion scene as a stylist and soon became one of the most admired and adored stylists among famous models, TV actors, and film stars to ordinary people like us. Here we are going to share her very pretty and stunning latest Photo shoot Yellow I Love You Collection 2012 hot glamorous western trendy summer dresses by Akif Ilyas Karachi Pakistan that will help you for your Evening & Night party fashion outfits. Akif Ilyas offers high-quality, on-trend clothing and accessories at affordable prices. T Shirts, Shirts, Pants, Skinny Jeans, Nekars, Trousers, Short & Long Skirts and Tops are included in this collection for Men and Women by Akif Ilyas. Dresses are in Stylish designs and perfect quality. Fashion Shoot feature Models Ayyan Ali and Others.

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